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Area Rug Cleaning

Take a stand against those stubborn and unsightly stains with help from SunGlo Carpet Cleaning. We make area rugs look like new again with thorough cleaning and stain removal. Our services are available to customers in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

Area Rug

Returning Your Rugs to Like-New Condition

SunGlo removes stains and odors from your rugs, leaving them clean and smelling fresh. We treat each rug differently (as no two rugs are alike), so we make sure to provide the appropriate care each one needs. 

Professional Cleaning

All work is done by professional cleaners who take the time to evaluate your rugs to determine the amount of cleaning they require. They then treat the rugs, removing any pet or food stains, and lay them out to dry in a controlled environment. 

Cleaning in Your Home or at Our Facility

We can clean your rugs on-site after cleaning your carpets or you can bring them to our facility to have them restored. Convenient pickup and drop-off service is available. All rugs are wrapped and delivered after they are dried.

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